Our Mission:

Mission of Grace is a Christ-centered organization seeking to meet the needs of Haitians through love and compassion.

Our Vision:

The vision and hope of our founder, Ms. Lynn Joseph, is that Carries would become City of Grace, known as a city on a hill whose light cannot be put out. One of the things that make our mission somewhat unique, is that we are embedded in the community. We did not build a compound to bring the needy into to, rather we are in and among them every day. Our buildings are in the midst of the people we are ministering to, and our daily lives are woven together. The goal is not to simply improve the quality of life, but to train and equip the future leaders of Haiti.

Our Values: 

Honoring: Modeling every aspect of our lives on the character of Jesus Christ.
Integrity: Conduct and behavior based on virtue including truthfulness, responsibility, accountability and reliability.
Loving Relationships: A focus on open communication, transparency, valuing, and recognizing each individual as a gift from God.
Pursuit of Excellence: Continuous improvement and a quality approach to all things.
Generosity of Spirit: An attitude of giving our time, finances, heart, service and encouragement.

Meet Our Leaders 





Linotte Joseph + Jean Claude Joseph, Founders and CEO

When a mudslide took many lives in the village of Carries in 2009, Linotte and Jean Joseph opened up their home and hearts with love and compassion and welcomed a hundred people to be fed bowls of spaghetti. When Ms Lynn asked God how best she could serve this community that had no help or aid, she found the answer not far from her front door. She walked across the street one day and found a young woman in labor and tried to help her, but by the time they had organized a vehicle to take the woman to a hospital an hour away, the expectant mother died. Ms Lynn knew that this woman's death was so unnecessary, and could have been prevented if there was a clinic near by. At that moment she knew her mission was to serve this community. After the devastating earthquake in January 2010, Linotte and Jean started receiving missionary teams to come and help in the village: hosting medical clinics, community feedings, and food distribution, along with many other things.

Kim O'Dwyer,  Mission Director

In January 2010 a young Canadian woman, Kim O’Dwyer, came to Haiti, originally for only a two month stay, but upon meeting Linotte she sensed something special was happening in Carries and wanted to be a part of it. She asked if she could come and serve Mission of Grace and has been here from that day on. During that time Mission of Grace has grown from an orphanage of 9 kids to an orphanage of over 70 children and has added a church, a school, a medical clinic, an elderly care home, and a mens discipleship home. Early on her heart grew attached to two young twin boys and she knew that one day they would become her sons. Today Joshua and Josiah O'Dwyer have grown into young leaders are becoming the forerunners of the future of Mission of Grace. 


We believe that there is a plan and a purpose for every life here in Haiti, and Ms Lynn, Miss Kim and so many others have given their lives to help see future leaders raised up for Haiti.